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435/1C Hokandara Road
Arangala, Sri Lanka

4x4 Driver Training Programs - Our own 4x4 Track


Use of 4x4 – Recreation and Transport – Camping, Going to the Beach / Telecom Towers, Disaster management, working in remote locations. A 4x4 is a purpose built tool and training develops the skills for the efficient use of the same.

Importance of training – Tool & Skill – Proper use will result in long lasting equipment / misuse or improper use expensive damage by trial and error process.

 Level 1 – Basic 4x4 Driving & Clutch Control

 Level 2 – Winching & Recovery Techniques

 Level 3 –Sensible Modifications and Practical Customizing

 Level 4 – 4x4 Competition Preparation and Survival 

Equipped 4x4 Vehicle with Roll Cage, 4 Point Harness, Window Nets, and Supervision & Training by Competition Experienced Team of Drivers

Kaluaggala, Sri Lanka.

Testimonials : 

 "Today's training session was very useful. Thanks for that."

Achala de Silva (Marine Engineer)

 "Thank you Sean, for a great and educational day.

We enjoyed it thoroughly...
Great time, great people and awesome you and your team.
Looking forward to great times ahead too..."
Vinod de Silva ( Capt. Mihin Airlines) 

 "This is to express my gratitude for organising a very useful and informative "Toyota Hilux off-road training programme" conducted by your team and you on the 04th of May at Hanwella. Frankly I did not expect much and I joined the programme due to the insistence of my friend Kanishka. I have been an ardent off-roader for decades and having experienced quite a diverse range of off-road conditions both here in Sri Lanka and overseas, I came in to your programme with the mind-set of a "refresher course". I was very pleasantly surprised! I learnt so much in those brief few hours and you were the perfect instructor. Your team too were par excellence! I learned a lot about my truck and the Hilux class, gained some invaluable lessons and tips and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Having met some very interesting fellow off-roaders was an added bonus! Thank you again for organising this programme. Do keep me in the loop of your events and programmes. I shall certainly attend! Sincerely, Udaya Karunaratne. "