OutdoorsmaN Pvt Ltd

Pioneers of the Sri Lankan 4x4 culture

                                       We are in the 4x4 business for the 22nd Year!

                     The Pioneers in 4x4 vehicle upgrades in Sri Lanka since 1998!


            "BIG or SMALL, SOLUTIONS for ALL"

In 1998, a small hobby shop was established to cater to unique individuals like us who enjoyed the outdoors, loved the adventure, and freedom of an off road 4x4 vehicle.

To venture out into trails that led to the most picturesque campsites, the 4x4's that we used needed to be prepared. In a time where 4x4's were used in Sri Lanka to merely overcome the pot holes, we started taking these machines to the next level, of what their intended use was for, maximizing their potential, getting more trail mileage out of them, thus a 4x4 culture that followed.

Our hands on experience in our local trails have given us the knowlegde to prepare and upgrade off road vehicles, with practical equipment which is ideal for our local conditions. Our policy has been to solve the needs of the client whether it is a Compettition, Expedition, or their Daily routine, hence we equip with priority given for what they require the most for their individual needs.

435/1C , Hokandara Road, Arangala, Sri Lanka

contact: Sean Hameed - 0777-722588

             Yasesa Galhena - 0777-212588